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International Travel Checklist that will make your Flying Smooth

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Travelling and visiting places bring joy and add memories. There are different kind of travelers, some are backpackers on an exploration while others go around the world for work.Whatever is the reason, travelling internationally often brings anxiety and goosebumps to many of us. At times we are stressed with the pre preparation for International Travel. Many of us tend to sit in dilemma of what to pack what not to. We keep certain things for last minute which leads to a bitter start of the long journey.

A smart planning with a quick check list can lower your burden and help in smooth flying.

1. Flight Booking For International Travel:

For upcoming travel first step is to look for the right flight. There are hundreds of option available but do not filter/chose just on rates. Also take few things into consideration:
Travel time to destination including halt or technical stop, layover if any.
If its a connecting or transfer flight make sure you don’t need any visa on arrival when landing for the change. (There are few countries which imply this when you change terminal to catch another flight)
Ensure you have right visa stamped with name and validity.
Select seat of your own choice window/aisle when booking itself
Meal preferences is another check, make sure you have opted one if vegan/vegetarian.
Tickets must have details as printed on passport. Slightest difference will trouble you during check in or at immigration.
Also don’t forget special service and assistance when travelling with seniors or baby.

If your company or agent is making arrangements, do cross check with them to ensure there are no hassles at the airport.

2. Travel Health  Insurance:

When traveling abroad it’s advised to have a health insurance, it’s a safety measure and have benefits irrespective of your abroad stay.

3. Travelling Packing and limits:

Know weight limits before you start packing, each flight have their own constraints and guidelines. Understand additional fee is applicable before you tempt to pack extra.
Pack wisely sometimes there are inspection at arrival airport. Each country has a regulation on items like dairy products or seedlings. There is a list of items that are banned or prohibited on flight too. Use your search engine for the list and norms.

4. Plan your itinerary:

Just knowing where you are landing is not an itinerary, it’s a part. Make reservations for accommodation, car/cab, attractions for further journey. Look for free calling card/sim at international airport for initial connection. A basic outline or itinerary will save panic situation at new place.

5. Hand luggage:

Don’t consider this as a free ticket for extra luggage, clearly it is not going to be easy when you have to drag luggage with connecting flights. Every time you enter security check it’s a packing and unpacking routine. Travel light, for limits and constraints refer following
See more  Liquids in hand luggage

6. Airport time:

Arrive at least 3 hour before time to ensure no last minute rush.
Get your e-boarding passes online e-check opens 24 hours before. In that case you can cut line for fast check in.
Make sure you get boarding passes with luggage tickets/tags. Stickers helps to track luggage.
Get tags or stamps for hand luggage or any other hand items.
Ensure you have smooth immigration and security clearance, keep paperwork handy (tickets, passport, other docs). Listen to instructions and questions carefully.


Miscellaneous Tips:

  • Currency: Ensure you have currency of travelling country, enough for expenses on arrival.
  • Power Backup: Make sure your phone is charged, add charger or power bank to your list.
  • Wifi & Calling: Mostly all international airport have free wifi and calling booth. Check help desk for any queries.
  • Contact Details:  Keep a note of your and emergency contact information in your hand bag and luggage for emergency situations.
  • Bag Identifier: Secure your bags with Plastic wraps and locks ( paid service at airport). Also use color sticker, tag and ribbon to identify them quickly on luggage belt.
  • Medicine: Carry prescribed medicine for emergencies like fever or dehydration. If you have some daily medication make sure you keep doctors prescription handy.
  • Extra Cloth: It’s good to keep a pair clothes and toiletry in hand luggage in case luggage is lost or connecting flights are delayed.
  • Snack:  Include light snack like energy bar or cookies if needed to wait longer for the flight. Don’t stuff entire kitchen.
  • Air Pressure:   Ear plug, cotton balls or some chewing gums are good to have if your ear hurt on pressure changes.
  • Food and Beverages:  Control your diet on on flight, over eating and drinking can cause uneasiness during fly but make sure you are hydrated.
  • Sleep:   Take a pillow if needed, adjust your sleep according to the new time zone, it helps to fight jet lag. Also take a walk in intervals in flight just to stretch your legs
  • Sanitizers:  Cleaning wipes or sanitizer helps you to feel fresh and clean. Airports are often crowded so

International travel for the first time is a moment to be treasured for life. With a advance planning and following do and don’t can help you to enjoy your journey in a better way. Go ahead plan and enjoy these moment from packing to traveling.

शुभ यात्रा !!! Have a safe trip!!! Bon voyage !! !

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