5 Cool Tips for a Garage Refrigerator


5 Cool Tips for a Garage Refrigerator

Dads are busy fixing their cars, moms are lounging outside for fresh air, kids are playing, and the teenagers are rehearsing as a band in the garage. It’s scorching hot outside, everyone’s thirsty, but the ice in the cooler has melted and the drinks are now warm. So, they decided to get a refrigerator and place it in the garage!

01. Start small

It’s not necessary to buy a whole 6-foot fridge and place it right into the garage. The thing could set the house on fire—especially if you’re unsure of the voltage of the available wall sockets in your garage! To keep safe from electrical failures that may potentially start a fire, it’s best to start with mini fridges that don’t cost much both on the wallet and the power outlets. After all, most refrigerators are plugged in 24/7. Mini fridges are small and compact, they don’t take up that much space and probably don’t require too much power to run.

02. Research first; buy later

Many people think that the refrigerators that used inside their homes work the same when putting into the garage—that’s not usually the case. Other than that, people who are opting to buy a fridge for their garage should do a safety check on their power outlets and how much voltage each outlet holds to avoid accidents.

Regarding the brand, it’s best to check out other brands that could possibly have models that are designed for and safe to use in garages. Checking online and websites can be of help, too, it saves the time of going from place to place in search of a fridge. Buyers might be surprised to find that they have dug up a treasure trove of fridges that could widen their options instead of just sticking to one brand or choice.

03. Seek professional advice beforehand

A person shouldn’t push themselves to suddenly become an electrical engineer when it comes to knowing the power source on where they’re going to put their garage fridge, it’s a smart move to contact the neighborhood electrician or a professional electrical engineer to be on the case.

Before installing the fridge, owners should consult their local electrician and seek their advice first if it’s safe and appropriate to even install a fridge in the first place. If ever the electrician provides helpful tips in owning a fridge and placing it in the garage, follow their instructions and advice and never compromise or improvise their word.

04. Power consumption & maintenance

Like any ordinary indoor refrigerator, a garage fridge doesn’t have to run on power round the clock. If possible, use the fridge in moderation and as occasionally as one can—unless someone practically lives in the garage. To avoid a sudden, dramatic increase in the electric bill, a word of advice—and caution—is to turn off and unplug the garage refrigerator at the end of the day and when not in use

If ever the refrigerator is the type to have a power-saving mode—if such a thing exists—then perhaps it’s a good way to save power and not have the fridge run on normal or high that could cause a rise in the next month’s billing.

05. Keep it clean, boys

Having the new fridge in the garage isn’t probably the most sanitary way to go. A refrigerator in the garage will make it exposed and vulnerable to dirt, dust, and little pests that run around the place that may cause disease-carrying bacteria that may jeopardize the user’s health as well as others’ health like the guests.

If the garage is well-kept and has a regular cleaning schedule, then the risk of the refrigerator being the home of bacteria and germs may as well lessen. But that doesn’t stop there, aside from keeping clean on the outside and the environment the fridge is located, cleaning the inside of the refrigerator on a regular basis is the best safety precaution to keep the appliance and its content clean and safe.

Before one installs and sets up their new fridge, they must think about where will they put their fridge in the garage at all Keeping it away from corners that generate more filth is one thing, but strategically placing it wherein there is less dirt should be the number one priority.

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