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Top Celebrity Pets and Their Famous Parents In 2018[Updated]

famous celebrities and their pets

Famous Celebrities And Their Pets Name:

Pets are the blessings in the life of owners. It is impossible to not get attached to them. When you come home after a day of immense hard work and you see your beloved pets jumping at you, it evaporates all the day long tiredness. It is their overwhelming love that touches hearts and souls of not only owners but people across the globe. Though all pets are special, celebrity pets become quite famous because of the spotlight enjoyed by celebrities.

Inspired by the popularity of these celebrities’ pets TraBeauLi brings to your notice famous celebrities and their pets.

# 1 Miley Cyrus and Their Pets

best pet

Miley Cyrus is one of the best singers in Hollywood. Known across the globe for her quirkiness she tops our list of famous celebrity and their pets. The major reason for it is the large variety of breeds of different animals she provides shelter to and owns.

She is a proud owner of Happy, dog which is a Rottweiler-beagle mix, Milky, who is a Pitbull. She also shelters a pig whose name is Bubba Sue and is super-sweet!  Besides these, she also owns Shetland Sheepdog, Chihuahua, Domestic, husky, Yorkshire mix, Terrier, and many more. She also urges people to adopt, not shop, pets!

# 2 Beyonce’s Famous Celebrities And Their Pets

beyonce's pet

Beyonce is the singing queen of Hollywood. Her favorite pet is Puppy Carter which is a Shih Tzu. In August 2016, Beyonce, along with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, was spotted walking on the streets of New York with their cute little brand-new puppy named Puppy Carter, whose net worth is whooping $36.2 million.

# 3 Jake Gyllenhaal Dogs

jake gyllenhaal pets

One of the finest actors of Hollywood has two lovely dogs. One is pug named Boo Radley, worth $2.3 million. His second dog is a German shepherd named Atticus, worth $2.6 million. Reportedly, Gyllenhaal was inspired to keep the name of pet Atticus after one of the greatest male characters from To Kill A Mockingbird! His pets live a wonderful life which includes playing and a lot of fun time on the beach.


# 4 Snoop Dogg Pets

snoop dogg pets

Snoop ‘Doggy’ Dog owns 11 dogs, which are known to us! He adopted a French bulldog, named Juelz Broadus, in November 2014. May, 2015 witnessed the debut of Juelz Broadus on Instagram, who has 46,200 Instagram followers so far. Juelz Broadus net worth is $7.5 million. Juelz often accompanies Snoop Dogg to his concerts. Besides Broadus, Snoop has owned many multiple dogs, mostly pitbulls. Also, he has two Siamese cats, named, after great late singers, Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis. Apart from this, he also has his own clothing label for dogs called “Doggfather”.

# 5 Priyanka Chopra Dog:

priyanka chopra pet

Priyanka Chopra is the not only the most successful Bollywood Actress but an International Sensation. It is due to her hard work and immense talent that she has made a name for herself. While she loves dogs she is completely scared of cats. Her favorite pet Brando, who was named after the late ‘Godfather’ actor Marlon Brando, lived with her in Mumbai. Sadly, the pet passed away at the age of 14. Now, she has a cute little pooch named Diana. She met Diana on the sets of Buzzfeed while she was shooting a video for them related to rescue puppies. She completed her New Year’s resolution of adopting a dog because of Diana. On October 2017, she was seen making up for the lost time with Diana by strolling with her on the streets of Los Angeles and enjoying the mild autumn sun. Moreover, Piggy Chops made an Instagram account of Diana and now the lovely pooch has 56,600 followers!

# 6 Sidharth Malhotra In Pet

Sidharth Malhotra In Pet

The camaraderie between Bollywood’s hottest celebrity Sidharth and his cute pet Oscar is not unknown. Sid though has a busy schedule, yet tries to spend the majority of his time playing with Oscar and feeding this cute little boxer. Whenever he gets a chance he takes Oscar with him to the sets. Furthermore, Oscar is Sid’s companion in promoting movies. He is famous celebrities and their pets.

Sidharth with the help of Oscar promoted Akshay Kumar’s much-awaited film Rustom (In 2016). Surely, their bonding gives us some major friendship goals!

Hope this Blog “Famous Celebrities and their pets” you like it!

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