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5 Things To Do Immediately About Biggest Carnival In The World

biggest carnival in the world

Every country has got something special, something different from them. 

If the US has the Statue of Liberty, then London has Buckingham Palace.

Similarly, there is some Carnival festival, which every country organizes every Year and there is something special about them.

TraBeauLi here presents you the Top 5biggest carnival in the world, which you should visit with your Loved ones at least once, to have a totally different experience of the Life.

1. Biggest Carnival In The World– Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Image source by google

We all have seen Dhoom 2 Movie, and we really liked the song “Dil Lagana” but we didn’t notice what was special about it. It was shot in Brazil and we even saw a Glimpse of Carnival.

This is one of the biggest carnival festival being organized in the World. It is held in February or March (40 days before Easter). All the streets are being decorated and it even features the Queen of Carnival.

This Carnival doesn’t have a just regular parade, but they have city-wide parade means everyone has to watch it. Brazil is like shut down during the Rio_Carnival and all the citizens just enjoy the Festival. If you want to know – History of Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

 Duration:- 4-6 days

Rio Carnival 2018 dates:- 9th February to 14th February

2. Notting Hill- London, UK

Notting Hill Carnival

Image source by palmhoteluk.com

The one festival, which takes place in the middle of the year “August”. It focuses heavily on Music, with live performances everywhere and large scale sound system. For the help of the people, they have even made an app “Noting Hill Carnival” that can help you navigate in different directions through the festival. 

It is a huge part of British life and Culture. It fills the streets of West London with Carribean Colours, music and Flavours.  Things to see and do in Notting Hill.

You can find stalls selling Caribbean foods like curries, fried plantain etc.  Since it is held in August. 

Duration:- It is only for Two days

Notting hill carnival 2018 dates: – August 25th.

3. Tomorrowland- Boom, Belgium


Image source by Rave Prep

Have you heard of names like Afrojack, Axwell, David Guetta, Carl cox etc?

If yes, then this biggest carnival in the world is for you. The Music feaks, for whom music is their life and can listen to it 24*7.

It is an Electronic music festival held in Boom, Belgium. It started in 2005 and since then it has become the World’s Largest and most notable music festivals.

It is a chance to step out of your Comfort zone and feel the depth of music. Sit back, relax & enjoy live Tomorrowland’s content here.

First, it used to be for one day, then became for two days. In 2011 it expanded for three days. For their fans to reach the venue, they have special flights. It always has something special like 2016 had Dragon stage, 2015 had the theme Melodia and this year 2017 had “Amricorum Spectuclum”.

Duration: – 2 Weekends

Time to be held in 2018: – 12th August (Amsterdam) and then the different places.

4. Cologne Festival – Cologne, Germany

Celebrate Carnival in Germany

Image source by www.tripsavvy.com

This is the second Largest event in Germany backed by Munich’s Octoberfest. It has a very special way of getting started.

It starts in “Fifth season of the Year” and it begins on 11th November at 11:11 a.m. But the real feast starts after Shrove Thursday. Carnival in Cologne is almost as old as the history of the city itself.

The whole street during this time is filled with people in different costumes and colorful troops. The closing time for Bars and pubs are suspended, so that, you enjoy the Carnival whole night.

One thing to remember: – If someone says you “Bützen” to you, then be prepared they want to Kiss you.

Duration: – Around Six days

Cologne Carnival 2018 date:- 11th November (You still have time, to attend it)

5. La Tomatina- Valencia, Spain

la tomatina

Image source by strawberrypwincex.wordpress.com

We all know about this carnival festival via the movie ZNMD(Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara).

Festival in which participants throw tomatoes at each other and fight with each other just for the fun purpose.

It is held in the last week of August.  One just needs to have fun at this amazing carnival festival, so don’t even think of wearing new clothes at the fest.

This is the La_ Tomatina festival, which has got some ground rules, so that, no one gets hurt and all enjoy the festival. Know the amazing History of Tomatina.

Duration: – One day

Tomatina festival 2018 dates: -August 29.


So this time try something new, apart from the Romantic Beaches, Snowfall, and Greenery. Give your self a treat to be a part of these Carnivals and get to know a whole new world, something to remember for a lifetime.

So start saving, Call your Travel Agent, Pack your bags and Have fun with your Loved Ones!! Hope you enjoy this biggest carnival in the world blog. If you have live experience please share with us.

Do Something Memorable!! Enjoy your life.

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