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Best Place to Spend Christmas Vacation in Florida

Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before – Dalai Lama I still recall my childhood vacations when my father always plans a trip to the new city once in a year. As a child, I never understood why so or how these holidays are important. But now it makes sense why he would take us out of the station. Exploring the new city, culture and food was something he loved. In his own words, one should live life…

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International Travel Checklist that will make your Flying Smooth

international travel

Travelling and visiting places bring joy and add memories. There are different kind of travelers, some are backpackers on an exploration while others go around the world for work.Whatever is the reason, travelling internationally often brings anxiety and goosebumps to many of us. At times we are stressed with the pre preparation for International Travel. Many of us tend to sit in dilemma of what to pack what not to. We keep certain things for last minute which leads to…

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How To Decorate A Small Home On A Low Budget

home decor ideas for small homes

Home Decor Ideas For Small Homes In Summer: Summer is a perfect time to recharge your energy and bring some sunshine with a change. We hate Summer when it comes to sunny weather and hot winds blowing around. But it’s the time to enjoy after lazy, cozy winters. Climatic change impacts our lives and health then why not one should welcome it cheerfully. Apart from your wardrobe, your home too can afford a change in summer. Change is for good…

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Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Paris

most beautiful place in the world

We talk a lot about travel, travel before you get old, travel for the bucket list, travel to relax, travel to live. But what is really traveling about? From my glasses traveling is a search of inner you. Don’t wait for a fascinating destination, travel where your heart takes and your soul finds peace. Across the globe, there are thousands of places gifted with nature’s love and history. Such as European cities and outskirts which are the remarkable blend of…

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