6 Christmas Celebration Ideas that Whole Family Can Enjoy

Christmas Celebration ideas

It’s that time of the year again when the whole family units, eat, pray, sleep and have some quality time together. It’s that time when we are all prepped up to buy some exciting gifts for our friends and family. It’s that time of the year when life is beautiful because everyone is together. It’s that time of the year when all of us are happiest and having holidays from work. In short, it’s Christmas time. Thus we are here with some Christmas celebration ideas that the whole family can enjoy.

1. Take Family Membership for Zoo and Museum

All around the year, everyone is busy with their lives and work. We hardly get some time on anyone’s birthday to catch up with each other, even during birthdays some miss out. This Christmas is the only festival where everyone unites and spends quality time together. You can take family members of a zoo or museum and visit there. From kids till the oldies, all would enjoy watching artifacts or animals. The whole family would get some entertainment and we can click some wonderful pictures together that we can cherish the entire life.

2. Movie Night

This is again a very nice option because it bonds our relationship well. If there is a good movie released in the theatre you can book multiple movie tickets and go to the theatre followed by a dinner night or something. This would be an outing as well as fun times spend together. You can arrange for a big screen at home with the help of the projector and some family bonding movie’s DVDs. Pop some popcorn and make the area cozy with soft pillows, blankets, and hot chocolate. Few family bonding movies are Casper, Stepmom and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Father of the Bride etc. These movies will help your family bond stronger than ever.

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3. Play Board Games

I remember during my childhood first thing I would ask for before Christmas holidays were new board games. Because I knew the whole family would come together and we will spend whole nights staying awake and playing board games. This is the most traditional activities people do at Christmas and it would never go out of style. You can pick Board games all your family members admire and play it till the sun rises. You can go for conventional games like Monopoly or Clue, or try your hands on any new age games available in the market. If few family members couldn’t make to the vacation you can do gift basket delivery to their homes.

4. Jump Start a Vacation

You can book tickets to your family’s dream destination beforehand so that you get cheap air tickets and hotel stay. Also, you can book your stay from sites like Airing which helps you get cheaper and beautiful accommodation. You can go to nearby beaches or mountains or spend your holidays at an exotic location. You can visit any other country too and arrange a guide he would make you understand that place better. Once back you can flaunt your amazing family pictures to your friends and on social media.

5. Cooking Baking Supplies

Engage your family in preparing home supplies. It is often said, “The family that eats together, stays together”. We would transform it into “The family that bakes together, stays together”. You can stock up sugar, sprinkles, and flour for making a lot of cookies. Even the kids would be all up to help you bake cookies. During festivities, the home smells best with the homemade cookies. Also, every family has their favorite cookie and a traditional recipe that runs from their ancestors. So indulge in family bonding over baking homemade cookies. You can make unique Christmas gifts delivery to the ones who couldn’t be together during Christmas.

6. A Family Portrait

A family portrait is something very rare because one or the other is always absent when there is an event or get together in a family. So with Christmas as an excuse, gather all the family members at one place, hire a professional photographer and capture nice photos of the whole family together. You can even gift a big family portrait to the smaller families within the whole family as Christmas present.

So we wish you will appreciate our advice on online gift delivery for your friends and family and we were of good help to you. Also, you can shift to one gift for the whole family if your list has become way too long.

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