5 Most Amazing things to do at Delhi


5 Most Amazing things to do at Delhi

Delhi is the National Capital Territory of India, has been inhabited since 6th century BC and has claimed its position as a capital for innumerable kingdoms and empires. The beautiful culture, heart-warming gesture, delicious food, outnumbering markets and the broad spectra choices for tourism has made Delhi one of the most tripped places in the world. Whilst in Delhi, you would not want to miss out trying these amazing things:

  • Scout through the Amusement parks:

The most thrilling amusement park in Delhi is the Adventure Island. This park has a huge range of water rides, rain dance, biking, nerve wrecking roller coasters, Z force ride, sidewinder ride, flip out rides, jungle maze, MAD shows, and events, etc. There are plenty of offers for kids, students, couples, families, group bookings and happy hours. You can even preserve your adventure memories in fun-filled photographs. Not just these, the park extends its greenery all around. This is a very exciting place to visit any day of the week and is a fun for all ages.

  • Bargain the best deal at market grounds:

The oldest, cheapest and the busiest market of Delhi is Chandni Chowk. This place is famous for its variety and originality of foods, clothes, leather items, fabrics, jewelry, may whatever you name it, be there. This place is a hub of wholesale shops and eateries. Drawn by the cultures of Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs, the market is an arena of happy shoppers and is one of the best markets in Delhi.

  • Elevate high at the Qutb Minar:

The most famous building of Delhi is Qutb Minar. The edifice stands since the time of Slave dynasty, even before Mughals invaded India. Built in 1193, the monument holds its place strong being the tallest minaret of the world. It is made entirely of red sandstone bricks constructed in Indo-Islamic architecture with walls where Quranic texts are engraved. There is a mosque in the perimeter of the construction. An iron pillar also stands still nearby. The beauty of the Arabic calligraphy, the decorative motifs and the beautiful use of sandstones and marbles of contrasting colors, are all alluring pleasure to eyes.

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  • Feel the peace at Akshardham Mandir:

This place is a splendid exhibit of ancient architecture and spiritual essence of India. Also known as Swaminarayan Akshardham  Mandir, this temple radiates Vedic sentiments, peace, divinity, and serenity. It has ten gates to demark the ten directions, a Bhakti Dwar which depicts 208 sculpted forms of God, Printed foot in memory of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, Mandovar, a wall comprising of 4287 cared stones, Gajendra Peeth, and Sanskriti Vihar, which demarcates India’s historical prosperity. The beauty of the entire temple and its surroundings are beyond description and can only be felt.

  • An evening at India Gate:

India Gate is the largest war memorial built in Delhi, for the 70,000 soldiers who fought bravely and lost their lives during the First World War. Later, a black marble pedestal was constructed beneath the structure, where a reverse rifle and a war helmet were placed. This black marble depicted the Flame of the Immortal Soldier or Amar Jawan Jyoti. The Arc-de-Triumph of India is worth visiting. Rashtrapati Bhawan stands close to India Gate.


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