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August 2017

6 DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas On a Budget

bedroom decorating ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Whether you own a house or are living in a rental. Decorating a house is very must and having your bedroom decorated is the top most priority. Your bedroom defines your personality and also changes the way you think. A bedroom is a place where your day starts and also ends. A dull bedroom gives you negative vibes; a messy one makes you irritating etc. No matter it is drawing room or bedroom it should be decoded.…

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7 Budgeted And Safest Place For Solo Girl Travelers

Solo female travel

Best Solo Female Travel Destinations: You might be wondering that who prefers to travel Solo, but it is true that some people enjoy traveling Solo than in Groups. Traveling solo gives you feel independence, you can explore the world and also your inner self, it feeds your passion and gives you an Eye-opening experience. You don’t need to wait for others to make a plan. You just pick up a place, book your ticket and can enjoy the Vacation. Now,…

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How to Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Hair Naturally

home remedies for hair loss

 Natural Home Remedies For Hair Loss at Home So here comes the Rainy Season, with lots of good things and also lots of tensions, as it gives you frizzy and unmanageable hair. We need some natural home remedies for hair loss and care. This is so true, that weather affects our hair a lot. There are things, which are in our hand, and we can manage them. Every girl’s dream is Silky, smooth and untangled hair. But for that, we…

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Top 11 Happiest Country In The World 2017 List [Updated]

happiest countries

Introduction – Before moving on to  happiest countries of the World let us first know; where does the happiness of a country actually lies?  Many of us link the happiness with the money, but is it the only money? Although it is a part of country’s happiness. There are many Happiest Countries in the world out of which we will see the top 11 happiest countries. There are several variables which defines the happiness of a country: Real Gross Domestic…

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6 Signs You’re In a Relationship with Perfect Partner

healthy relationship tips

Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples Healthy Relationships are tricky and challenging…it’s loving, messy complicated yet so wonderful. You always want to be with him/her, when they are there… you feels lucky and complete. Your morning starts and night ends with that person. You always wait for your partner no matter what the time and situation is. Once you are in relationship you continuously think about whether it is right or wrong. If you’re in the right relationship, you’re going to…

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7 Skincare Facts & Fallacies You Should Know

skincare facts

From a tiddler to a missy, every girl has been given a consistent cautionary and much soap boxing to take care of their skin. Because we are in a world where we aren’t gonna hear folks saying ‘real skin have freckles and scars, real butt has stretch marks and it’s all beautiful’ or expect people to live up to the songs of India. Arie, we are asked to fake it all. So we hasten to the market to look for…

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9 Daily Healthy Habits That Will Make You Successful

healthy habits

Healthy Habits For Healthy Life: Before moving on to 10 Healthy habits for life, one must know the need to adopt it. Sometimes you find yourself stuck in the same daily grind—perhaps even in a rut? Life can be hectic, and we forget to pay attention to ourselves—both our body and our mind which is in the utmost position. This is where daily healthy habits come in! All of us are different from one another, so are the requirements. We…

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How To Get Glowing Skin In A Week Naturally [At Home]

how to get glowing skin in 2 weeks

How To Get Glowing Skin In 2 Weeks Naturally: Every woman desire for a beautiful, young, glowing and radiant skin. It does not matter whether she is a student, homemaker, or working professional. Our skin gets dry and dull due to many factors; due to age, pollution, UV rays exposure, lack of nutrition, inadequate sleep, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive drinking, and smoking. Though you cannot get rid of these things but can surely prevent them. Looking for “how to get glowing…

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Planning For Group Trip? You should visit this amazing places

Places to travel with your friends

Best and Amazing Places to Travel With Your Friends On Budget: A trip is always remembered; no matter it is with your spouse, your family or friends. But a trip with Friends is like being you and enjoying it to the fullest. But we are always budget constraint when it comes to a trip. So here, TraBeauLi brings you the name of International places to travel with your friends and will be in your budget. Perfect Places to Travel with…

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Top 10 Effective Time Management Tips that will Work for Everyone.

time management tips

Time is the most important thing in anyone’s life. It is said,  “ If you waste time, time will waste you”. We all have got the exact number of hours in a day i.e. 24 hours. Still some make good use of it, and some feel its too less. It’s all about time management. Managing Time is an art, which everyone has not got. But you can learn this art without going to any college or school. TraBeauLi presents you…

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8 Makeup Tips For Those Girls Who Wear Glasses

makeup tips

Makeup application is quite difficult for most of the women. To add pair of eyeglasses and applying and maintaining makeup can be difficult but not impossible. Wearing glasses does not mean that you should avoid wearing makeup. What you need to do is to find the perfect makeup tips that go best with your charm. From contouring tips to lip shades that are perfect for your makeup. Here are the Makeup tips and tricks to make your face glow from behind…

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5 Things To Do Immediately About Biggest Carnival In The World

biggest carnival in the world

Every country has got something special, something different from them.  If the US has the Statue of Liberty, then London has Buckingham Palace. Similarly, there is some Carnival festival, which every country organizes every Year and there is something special about them. TraBeauLi here presents you the Top 5biggest carnival in the world, which you should visit with your Loved ones at least once, to have a totally different experience of the Life. 1. Biggest Carnival In The World– Rio…

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