7 Budgeted Place For Solo Girl Travelers

Solo female travel

Best Solo Travel Destinations:

You might be wondering that who prefers to travel Solo, but it is true that some people enjoy traveling Solo than in Groups. Travelling solo gives you feel independence, you can explore the world and also your inner self, it feeds your passion and gives you an Eye-opening experience. You don’t need to wait for others to make a plan.

You just pick up a place, book your ticket and can enjoy the Vacation. Now, since you have decided to travel the World on your own, you need some Amazing places, which are high in safety and low in crime rates. The best places will be where locals are friendly and welcoming and it should not be so remote that you are the only one Travelling.

So here, Trabeauli brings best Solo female travel destination in the world on your budget. Explore the world best vacations to take alone.

1. Bayfield, Wisconsin: –

Bayfield, Wisconsin for solo travel

Image source- rittenhouseinn

Bayfield is a city in Wisconsin located on the shores of Lake Superior. You all might be thinking, how this can be the safe place for female solo travel. But this city has got some amazingly friendly people, who are always ready to help and talk to the travelers. This city has very low to no crime rate; hence, it makes it safest for the women travelers. The beauty of Bayfield Wisconsin is amazing with Sea Caves. You can take a trip to Apostle Islands to learn about its History.

Places to Visit in Bayfield: –

Big top Chautauqua, Bayfield Golf course, you can enjoy Sailing, Kayaking, and Boating.

2. Dubai For Solo Travel: –


Image source- www.dubaigolf.com

The largest and most populous city in the UAE. Dubai is a stirring alchemy of profound traditions and ambitious futuristic vision. Travelling solo in Dubai is one of the best experiences anyone can have. It is a destination that mixes modern culture with history. Dubai fascinates travelers with its Energy, Optimism, and Openness towards people.

 Best Places to Travel In Dubai:-

Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and Wild Wadi Water Park

3. Solo Female Travel Iceland: –

iceland for solo trip

Image source-dailymail.co.uk

A Country in Europe, defined by its Dramatic landscape with Volcanoes, Geysers and Lava field. It is ranked as the #1 safest country in the World. It is a mountainous island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is a place where fire and ice co-exist. It is not a destination; it’s an Adventure set in Stunning Scenery. It is very comfortable for solo travelers. The capital city of Reykjavik is famous for its music scene and nightlife.

Top Place to Travel in Solo: – Gull Foss, Blue Lagoon, and Pingvellir

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4.  Solo Trips in Rome, Italy: –

rome solo travel

Image source-Thomson

There is a famous saying “Rome was not built in a day”. It has got a different meaning, but we will use it here in the sense that you cannot explore the beauty of Rome in just a day. The capital city of Italy has got a lot of inspiring art, architecture, and culture on display to leave it travelers astound. Rome’s street and piazzas are an endless and amazing source of entertainment. Rome is nicknamed as the “Eternal city


Place to Visit: – Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Osti Matti

5. Female Solo Traveler in Budapest


Image source- lonely planet

This is the best solo travel female destination. Budapest, Hungary’s capital is bisected by the River Danube. It is one of the Largest Cities in the European Union. It is a Paradise for explorers and the Best-Budgeted place for Women Travelers. The city is always ready for Welcoming women travelers. Every girl no matter where they go they always shop and Budapest is the perfect place for them to shop, from European goods to jewelry and dresses you can get everything here. There won’t be a communication problem as English is widely spoken there.

Budapest points of interest – Parliament, Castle District, Royal Palace, Budapest Pinball     Museum.

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6. Big Sur, California: –

california for solo girls travel

image source-US News Travel

It is a rugged stretch of California’s central coast. It is more a state of mind than a place to be pinpointed on the map. It is a very popular destination due to its stunning view. It has been described as one of the most “stunning meetings of land and sea in the world”. There are few small, scenic beaches that are accessible to the public. Camping in Big Sur is the perfect opportunity to meet others. California is the best solo travel destination for girls.

Places to visit: – Pfeiffer Beach, Bixby Bridge, Parting ton Cove

7. Best Destination For Solo Travel Bhutan: –

solo trip for bhutan

Image source-Jessie on a Journey

Bhutan a place is well known for its Monasteries, Fortress, and Landscapes. It is no ordinary place; it is a remote and impoverished Himalayan Kingdom, which fiercely guards its tradition. One of the best things you will notice is the enormous respect women get here. Women here are treated as equals and the country is very safe for female travelers. The Locals in Bhutan are extremely helpful, and when it comes to women, they become more.

Places to visit: – Thimpu, Paro, Punakha, Manas National Park

So girls, don’t wait for anyone. Visit these cities and explore yourselves. All the above cities are safe and very low in crime rates. The people there are very friendly and always ready to help. And it won’t cost you much on your wallet.

Happy Journey!


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