5 Simple Ways To Remove Sun Tan in Under 1 DAY

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Summer is definitely not the season when you can just sit at homes. It is the season of going out and enjoying the life. But going out has its negatives! You Can remove sun tan yourself. And being summers you cannot wear full clothes, the heat just doesn’t allow it. Does that mean you should stop going out? Absolutely not! But the sun_tanning is on your head and it is not possible to not get tanned.

Therefore, Trabeauli presents this article for you beautiful women out there who cannot resist staying in! This article is for women who are fed up of their tanned skin and want to do something about it. We provide you with a few tricks as to how to remove  sun tan in under one day. We hope that these prove helpful to you.

1. Lemon For Remove Sun Tan

lemon for suntan

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Slice a lemon and rub it on your hands. Let the lemon juice be applied on your hand for a time period of about 10-15 minutes. After this wash it off with lukewarm water.

Quick Tips:

Do not rub it too hard on your skin as it can cause redness and irritation.
Do not use lemon to remove tan on face as it can sometimes cause unbearable irritation and itching.

2. Curd

remove sun tan

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Curd is a very effective way to remove tan. It is good for face as well. It has lactic acid which not only fights the darkening on the skin but also cleanses, refreshes and tightens the pores on face. To use it, just take some plain curd and apply it on your face and hands. Massage it well on your skin for around 5 minutes and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. It leaves your skin very smooth. Try it!

 3. Milk and Turmeric

remove sun tan

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Add a very small amount of turmeric into milk. Mix it well and massage it on your face and hands. Let it semi-dry and wash it off with lukewarm water. On the other hand, milk itself is very good for tanned skin. Even in winters, when you are not tanned, apply milk on your skin. It is the best homemade moisturiser and keeps your skin smooth and moisturised.

Quick Tips:

Take very small amount of turmeric. Only then it is beneficial. If you take even a pinch more than what is required it can leave its yellow colour on your skin which might take 2-3 days to disappear.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera for sun tan

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From head to toe Aloe Vera gel had always been useful for many purposes. It is good for hair, for health, for skin, etc. It helps fight not only tan but also peeling skin, dark circles, acne, etc. In this list of how to remove tan this is our all-rounder. Just a one time-application of aloe gel shows remarkable differences in the skin tone. Massage it round the surface which is tanned in circular motions and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

5.  Honey and Papaya

remove sun tan

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Papaya had been known for its exfoliating and cleansing properties whereas honey is known for leaving skin soft and smooth. Together, they make up the best tan removing remedy. All you have to do is add honey to the mashed papaya. Blend it well and apply it on your face or on your hands. After applying it leave it for half an hour and then wash it off with lukewarm water.


We tried to provide you with options (ingredients) to remove tan that are easily accessible and are affordable. Remember to wash your skin once and dry it well before applying any of the remedy you wish to. Do not apply these products on unclean skin as they may not be very effective.

Also, always apply sunscreen (whichever you prefer) before leaving the house. Moreover, if possible wear a shrug or cover your arms with a cloth until you reach where you want to go. It keeps you safe from harmful UV rays and also prevents tanning. Trust us; these habits come very handy in the long run and are the secrets people who are not tanned tell no one to.

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