Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Paris

most beautiful place in the world

We talk a lot about travel, travel before you get old, travel for bucket list, travel to relax, travel to live. But what is really travelling about ? From my glasses travelling is a search of inner you. Don’t wait for a fascinating destination, travel where your heart takes and your soul find peace.

Across the globe there are thousands of places gifted with nature’s love and history. Such as European cities and outskirts which are the remarkable blend of what a heart desire. Among such beautifully blended and preserved city is Paris, France. Paris is never skipped from traveler’s list. Every heart once in awhile beat for Paris but it’s a shame it’s been depicted so wrongly in hanky Panky songs.

Cold breeze near Seine river has a charm of love that pulls lovers and travellers to make it perfect holiday destination. When I close my eyes I can still see glittering tower and first glimpse of Louvre museum.

Its the city of Lovers Dream where an artist find love for his art, a couples often dream of being together. Love simplifies souls and cherish lives forever, such simplified chemistry is shared in Paris. It has a fragrance that stays till next visit.

Paris (Pari in french) invites you for an excursion of love. Hard to say what five or ten important things you can do here. Walking on the streets of Paris you have so much to do and explore around. There are entirely different lenses to voyage city, completely tabbed on your interest and love.

Paris is lovers kiss at Eiffel tower, romancing in a cruise, promises Pont de Arts bridge, laughter in Disneyland, an espresso down the street, a brunch in sun, mysterious smile of Mona Lisa.

Eifeel tower

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City has one of the best undergrounds connections in Europe that connects every end. It offer much more than anyone can dream of. It’s vibrant with electrifying environment you don’t need a big plan for the city visit.

Being a Paris lover there is so much to write about Fashion Street, Arc de Trom. Luxembourg Garden, Norte de Dam, Montmartre, Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum and list goes on.

Trocadero is the place I love the most building stairs are perfect location to lose yourself in Eiffel tower’s beauty. Walking near Seine river refresh your thoughts it’s a great inspiration to every writer. With incredible city view from top of tower one can always feel the chills of weather. If you are a history lover cruise are the best options to know about every bridge and building history on bank of Seine. Meanwhile when you are lost in ride don’t forget to catch the glimpse of glittering Eiffel tower and statue of liberty (Pont de Grenelle).

Louvre museum being world’s largest can take you to back in centuries of history. When you see giant Pyramid entrance Court Napoleon don’t forget to recall words of Dan Brown from novel Da Vinci code. Just a tip it has a free entry on first Sunday of each month.

Disneyland is always in my list you are never too old for a picture with Micky or visit to a sleeping beauty’s castle.

Disneyland Paris

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Don’t forget to add Notre Dame and Montmartre, Champs-Elysées, Place de la Concorde, Palais-Royla , Sacred Coeur in your list if you really admire architecture.

Cafes and cuisine offered another reasons to hang a little longer for evenings in Paris.

Honestly there are hundreds of experiences and advisory available online thanks to the Web world. But in my suggestion always close your eyes and feel what you wanna see and where you wanna be. A lively crowd or call of nature, some sea-sand or just a nice coffee at countryside. Well from my closet experience I’m always dwell by art, history and culture with the blend of nature so Paris it is.

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