6 Signs You’re In a Relationship with Perfect Partner

healthy relationship tips

Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples

Healthy Relationships are tricky and challenging…it’s loving, messy complicated yet so wonderful. You always want to be with him/her, when they are there… you feels lucky and complete. Your morning starts and night ends with that person. You always wait for your partner no matter what the time and situation is. Once you are in relationship you continuously think about whether it is right or wrong. If you’re in the right relationship, you’re going to have a future full of warm, happy, tingly romantic feelings. If you’re not in the perfect relationship, your future will be puzzled, horrible, painful heartbreaking. Deciding about the right relationship is not as easy as plucking the petals of a flower rather much more than that.

Take a deep breath and have look on some telltale signs which can actually help you out in finding the perfect Mr. and Mrs. Right. Check out some healthy relationship tips that make you perfect partner.

1. Best Friends Makes the Best Relationship 

healthy relationship tips

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We all have heard that love is friendship. Remember the past days when you were always accompanied by a best friend who was inseparable part of you. If you can find your best friend in your love… with whom you can do all kind of mundane chores, argue, fight, share secrets, who always notices your every moment, can always get you out from trouble, share your happiness, vanishes your tensions than it is a sign that you are in healthy relationship.

2. Foundation of Relationship is Trust

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It has been correctly said that trust is the foundation stone of every relationship, but it is something that many people struggle with. Trust is not the thing to develop in one or two days but gradually. Trusting someone means that you rely on him/ her. It is a mutual commitment. Continuous texting when they are out with friends, asking their whereabouts, asking to prove you all the time. All these things show that you don’t trust them. So always give some space for healthy relationship. So if you both have trust on each other than it is a sign of right relationship.

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3. Spending Quality Time With Spouse

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In this busy, chaotic world of daily activities, task and schedules, your partner forgets to spend time with the person he/ she chose to spend life with. It is one of the most important thing in every relationship, enjoying short trips, spending some quality time by simple trips, shopping, hanging out, watching movies together, endless talking on calls and responding them, keep them prior to your work when they need you. Always remember not to be so clingy that you don’t have time for yourself, your family and friends; try to maintain the balance between all.

4. Accepting as They Are

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Always make sure that your partner loves you the way you are and so you. We all have some bad habits as no one is perfect, so it’s good to change your bad habits but losing your identity for your partner’s happiness is can later hurts you. Remember your happiness should be their priority. Keep appreciating the way your partner is. Your love for each other should always be unconditional. Change your habits not “YOURSELF”.

5. Respect You and Your Goals for Life

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Both the partners should respect each other and their goals for life. Instead of being dominated they should appreciate and help each other in achieving them. Never insult them in public even if they are wrong. Solve your fights and misunderstanding privately. Always show respect, care and love in public as it creates sense of security in your partner’s mind. Your partner should always stand by your side, when the whole world is against you; can surely be the sign of true and pure love.

6. Sharing Finances In Relationship



Even the greatest relationship can break due to financial differences. Both should have proper understanding when it comes to financial matters, discuss your needs, contribute equally if needed, talk on saving, financial budgets and way to manage things for your bright future.

Always treat your partner as the prince/ princess of your life. Keep their secrets, understand them, pamper them, handle their immaturity with your maturity, love them truly, honestly, passionately as they think you are their whole world to them. Often express your love for them. Keep your partner happy to make your world wonderful.

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