Top 11 Happiest Country In The World 2017 List [Updated]

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Introduction – Before moving on to  happiest countries of the World let us first know; where does the happiness of a country actually lies?  Many of us link the happiness with the money, but is it the only money? Although it is a part of country’s happiness. There are many Happiest Countries in the world out of which we will see the top 11 happiest countries. There are several variables which defines the happiness of a country:

Real Gross Domestic product (GDP) is the key measurement. GDP represented as the monetary value of goods and services produced within the nation. Healthy life expectancy, freedom, Generosity, Social Support, absence of corruption and Crisis are the other variables define the happiness of a country. Crisis both severe and long-lasting are the huge reason which declines the happiness of a country.

According to Nerdwallet  “You Can’t Buy Happiness: Richest Nations vs. Happiest Nations”.

Happiest countries rank 2017

image source- Nerdwallet

Here are Top 11 Happiest Countries in the World List:

#1 Norway is the World’s Happiest Country-

norway peoples

image source- Mother natural network

Norway is now the World’s happiest country. Being the most beautiful and cheerful country on the earth. It has a healthy balance of prosperity, social capital, gender equality, good health care and high GDP, also the incredible landscapes.

#2 Denmark –

denmark people

Image source- BBC.cpm

Denmark holds the second position. It’s success can be attributed mainly to its good life expectancy (80 years, well above the global average of 71) and its inevitable welfare system made the Danes genetically happier than people from other countries.

#3. Iceland-


Image source-Iceland Naturally

Iceland is another happiest country which holds the third position. Because of the low income tax, free health care and free education to its citizens, it is holding a remarkable position. It is also rated as the most peaceful nation on the Earth.

#4. Switzerland –

switzerland happy people

Image source-

Switzerland has fallen on the fourth , it has the good life expectancy rate and the citizens are multilingual which is a good reason to be smug. Switzerland also have glorious landscapes, thick forest, wide lakes and handsome railway lines hence, makes it a competitive country in the world.

#5 Finland –

happiest country

Image source- USA news

Finland secures a position in the happiest countries because of the highest quality of life and also known for the one of the most peaceful country.

#6 Netherlands –

netherlands people

Image source-pinterest

Although Netherlands has come to the sixth place from fourth but still smiling bright. Its liberal policies, thriving bike culture made it capable enough to hold good position among the happiest countries.

#7 Canada –

Canada happiness countries

Image source- homeaway

Again Canada is the another country which is down one place from the last year, yet on the seventh position because of its high life expectancy, lifestyle and exquisite sceneries.

#8 New Zealand –

happiest contry

Image source- google

New Zealand is on number eight this year. It’s position is remarked by the marine volcanoes, scenic rail journeys, sperm whales, marvellous wines and caves lit by glow worms. All these things in New Zealand make it extremely beautiful and more attractive than other places of the world.

#9 Australia –

Australia happiest contry

Image source- pinterest

Australia is one the beautiful and popular destination. It has the ninth position among the happiest countries. It has the largest coral reef system, The Great Barrier Reef and crystal clear and fresh beaches and its constant warm temperature.

#10 Sweden –

sweden happy people

Image source- telegram

Sweden is on tenth position because of the cool  mountains, forest, beautiful Baltic ports, islands and Stockholm.

#11 Israel –

happy contry

Image source- Israellycool

Israel has the eleventh position in the world happiest country because of its life expectancy and GDP rate.

Conclusion: Above is the list of top 11 happiest countries, but is there anyone curious enough to know about India’s position? India has 122nd rank in the happiest countries. It is the duty of the entire individual to make its country on number one position. Right from today help your country in increasing its GDP, good Life Expectancy, stopping corruption, encourage Social support and Social welfare, Right to freedom and compulsory education for all.

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